So, hey guys, my teacher Ms. Tina told us to do a PYPX reflection with questions and so yeah, I'm writing it down here:

1st question: How do you feel after PYPX ended?
Now that PYPX is over, I feel less worried, and it has been amazing since PYPX is over, there are no more pressure on me. So we went to our old and basic schedule from the beginning of the year. And I don't need to stress anymore, so basically, I feel way better and less stressed.

2nd question: What are you and your team doing now?
Ever since PYPX is over, and we didn't need to do anything, my team stopped and didn't continue. But they are still continuing their action is that to tell other people to continue to eat breakfast and don't waste food. And after that, my group and myself went to see grade 10's exhibition projects, and the one we saw was "How to eat healthy". It explained what was healthy to eat and what wasn't, like broccoli and carrots are really healthy but hot dogs aren't. But it said there are some good things that could be in fast food and bad things in junk food.

3rd question: What do I appreciate about PYPX?
I appreciated to get to learn a lot of things about hunger, know how its feels, and how many people are starving and have died from hunger. It also had taught me how a exhibition works and to let me know to do it in MS. 


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