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Hi guys, I just finished a 1 Hour Long concert, when I got home I was dying to rest, so I sleeped right after I finished my dinner. So, the concert was normal we had to wear black pants, and white shirts, we sang "One Call Away" and played violin. Grade four and grade five

Book review

Hi it's a meh again, have you read Diary of wimpy kid "Double Down?" I read it, it was GOOD, sometimes funny and cool, yea

About my family... (In french)

J’ai des bras long, des yeux gros. J’aime jouer baseball et j’aime manger les nachos avec des fromages, et les pizzas avec des fromages. Mon maman a les cheveux long, et des jambes long. Mon papa a une tĂȘte grosse, et les oreilles gros. Je suis vietnamien, et j’ai 9 8/10 ans.

I time reflection...

SO, Hey guys Hai Nam here, TODAY, I will be reflecting on my NEXT "I -Time" project. I'm going to do a game for "Market Day." I don't know when, but yea. It's gonna be using strength, how accurate and aim sites. And I haven't planed the games... So yea.


-Nguyen Hai Nam

P.S. I going for 650 views =) ;)
HI GUYS! It's me, Hai Nam, today I have to type my persuasive writing: 

There are TOO many reasons for children to sleep late: ______________________________________________________
1.  Sometimes, you're having the best moment in your life, then suddenly, you need to go to sleep, or else your mother or dad would do something that you don't want.
2. You're watching something you really like, and maybe the secret will be revealed in 10 secs, but then you needed to sleep to go to school, but then you said "10 secs PLEASE". But then your mom or dad said or else your mom or dad would do something that you don't want.
3. Maybe, you had to leave your school without your best friend in 5 years (Or more), then suddenly, you saw your old best friend, you played with each other for a while, but then you had to go to sleep instantly,  because your mom or dad said &q…

Math post...

We just finished a math unit on factors, multiplication and division. I focused at division, it was a little hard at dividing the number to halfs, thirds, forths, fifths... But I get it now. I accomplished it by using multiplication. Here is a picture: