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Just a free game... nothing else!

Math blog post...

This week, my math intention was to learn about "Prime" and "Composite" numbers. It was hard learning it, but then I knew. Prime numbers are numbers that there are only one way to solve. Composite numbers are numbers that have lots of ways to solve.

Heritage last post

For this unit we have been learning about Heritage. Heritage is something from the past, rare, beautiful, worth keeping, special and variable

In order for something to be worth passing on to the next generation I think it should fit the following criteria i and ii

I learned that Heritage can be personal, local or global.  Here are some examples of what represents Heritage to me.

Example 1 I chose this example because it is created by lot of ideas and  a It is an example of Local heritage because it is in my country and I can go here whenever I want and it is beautiful.

Example 2-
I chose this example because it is already a UNESCO World Heritage Site and it has lots of criteria and it is beautiful. It is an example of the global heritage because it is a very popular tower at France

Example 3 - I chose this example because (which Heritage criteria does it qualify under) It is an example of personal heritage because