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UOI Presentation

U.O.I. Presentation
In U.O.I,  we were studying our body systems, I learned that if you got hurt, you act because of your nervous system. I did a project where I tried improving my memory by playing memory games and eating brain food. Here is a slideshow that shows what I learned.

Soc son field trip video

Soc son field trip FACE REVEAL
Hi everyone, Hai Nam here, this is my mandala I made, sorry I didn't post this at the beginning, this mandala I made expresses all information about me. I also learned that you'll always have to take time. So, if you can't see, I'll read it, I like drawing, I always like traveling, playing games, play "Nerf", and swimming.
Hey everyone I'm back, this week my math goal was read graphs and analyze the data, here is the picture,
 nothing new keep on working on the 450 views!!!


SO I was wondering if one day I could have 100 page views, it was true, 230, it worked, 300, it worked, 380, it worked, THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!! YOU GUYS SERIOUSLY DESERVE SOMETHING!!!!!!!!!!! So here is a scratch I made for you guys!!! My own FNAF!!!!