French Writing Assessment

Heyyy guys, so today, 7th January 2018, in french class, I had this writing assessment. It was about my family, so I wrote. It was normal since I'm good at french. But the most challenging part is fixing my spelling mistakes. I was successful at my spelling mistakes because I had used the dictionary to write right.

Here's the image of my writing assessment:

French video and what it's about

Hey guys, this video is about my cat that my teacher said to do. We created a poster and shown it to our class, now in this video it is talking about my cat.

 The video is down here

Just a game, enjoy!

Here's a new game...

Hey guys,  It's just me! The master is back with another game, Thanks for all the views, and I'll mostly be offline playing so bye!
Hi, It's just me, here another video about me, in french. Here! !Bonjour les amis!Je m'appelle Hai Nam, je dix ans, Je suis Vietnamien. Je n'ai pas de soeur ou frère. Je parle Vietnamien, Anglais et Français. J'aime jouer des jeux de vidéo. J'écoute la musique en Anglais. Ma couleur préférée est bleu. J'adore manger la pizza et des sushi. Et toi? Qu'est que tu aimes? Je suis Ouvert d'esprit avec mon amis.


Hi guys, I just finished a 1 Hour Long concert, when I got home I was dying to rest, so I sleeped right after I finished my dinner. So, the concert was normal we had to wear black pants, and white shirts, we sang "One Call Away" and played violin. Grade four and grade five

Book review

Hi it's a meh again, have you read Diary of wimpy kid "Double Down?" I read it, it was GOOD, sometimes funny and cool, yea